Hillary Clinton sent “classified emails” across her unsecured private server

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(NationalSecurity.news) While serving as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton wrote and sent at least a half-dozen emails using her private server containing what federal officials now say is classified information, according to thousands more emails released just days ago by the State Department.

As reported by The Washington Post, though government officials deemed the emails classified after she left office, they are liable to make it more difficult for her to move beyond the political fallout from the controversy of using an unsecured private server in the first place.

The newly discovered sensitive emails also appear to demonstrate conclusively that her role in distributing classified materials on her own system extended well beyond merely receiving such materials from others. The newly discovered emails also appear to contradict her earlier public statements in which she denied sending or receiving classified information.

The Post said that the classified emails just released were contained in thousands of pages of electronic correspondence released by the State Department. They stood out, the paper said, because of the heavy markings blocking out sentences and, in some cases, entire email messages. The State Department officials who redacted the materials said they did so for national security reasons.

Clinton, who is currently seeking the Democrat presidential nomination, was among some four dozen State Department officials whose emails were edited for national security reasons, a Post review of the documents found. Included in those officials were top aides Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills – people who would probably fill top key roles in a Clinton Administration.

In all, 188 of the newly released emails contained classified information, said the Post.

The paper reported further:

The extent of the redactions in e-mails sent by Clinton and others, including ambassadors and career Foreign Service officers, points to a broader pattern that has alarmed intelligence officials in which sensitive information has been circulated on non-secure systems. Another worry is that Clinton aides further spread sensitive information by forwarding government e-mails to Clinton’s private account.

Use of a private email server to conduct official State Department business has become an issue for Clinton and her presidential bid.

The inspector general for the intelligence community had previously identified four emails out of a small, 40-email sample sent on her server that contained classified information. Officials who have reviewed the emails note that Clinton did not write them, but security experts have nonetheless stated that any classified information sent over her unsecured server was likely intercepted by foreign governments, as NationalSecurity.news previously reported.

In addition, the FBI is also investigating whether Clinton’s email system has compromised national security information. Officials have said Clinton herself is not a target of the inquiry, but it’s difficult to imagine she would not be held liable for any breach of a system she herself had set up.

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