World War III said to be closer now than at any time since the last world war

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( World War I was called the “war to end all wars,” and most believed that after World War II and the introduction of atomic, then nuclear, weapons, the world had seen its last global conflagration.

But today, say some observers, the world is so tense and teetering on the edge of a powder keg that great power war is once again possible, more so now than at any time in the last six decades.

As reported by Britain’s The Sun, experts believe there are a number of potential flashpoints – Eastern Europe, the South China Sea, the Korean peninsula and, as always it seems, the Middle East.

Experts noted that both Russia and China are pouring vast sums of money and resources into improving their military capabilities, even to the point of rivaling the United States. The last time U.S. military power was rivaled and even bested, the result was a declaration of war against Germany, Japan and Italy.

The paper, in its online additions, reported that experts note the U.S., China and Russia all want to either remain or become superpowers and, some think, the only superpower on the planet. Currently, if one were to measure by sheer size of nuclear arsenal, economic prowess and technological advantage, that title would have to go to the United States.

But that might not last long, especially if another world war broke out.

In addition to the other flashpoints, experts also noted that nuclear-armed Pakistan, which has longstanding disputes with neighboring India and could collapse under an assault by Islamic extremists, could also trigger the next global conflict.

“Basically none of us know what is going to happen but we are in a more dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable time than any other in my 50 years in the force,” Britain’s Admiral Lord West told The Sun.

He added that it was unfortunate that the Brexit took place because he believes the rest of Europe, parts of which could break off in a global conflict, need British military technology and know-how.

West also said that years of neglect and under-investment have harmed Britain’s military, especially its once-vaunted Royal Navy.

A recently released 25-page white paper by the Atlantic Council also warned of Russia’s mounting danger to NATO, which has been labeled as obsolete and unable to fulfill basic core missions by some because most members do not dedicate the required percentage of their budgets to defense.

“Russia under Putin is becoming quite aggressive, it’s spending a large amount of money on its military capabilities,” West commented.

“Putin has said he believes in using tactical nuclear weapons if there is a war. That is highly dangerous.”

West also said he believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will “pick off the Baltic States” one at a time.

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