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09/17/2018 / By Mike Adams

This is a breaking news alert with huge implications for the future of our country. (See full analysis videos, below.)

08/22/2018 / By Mike Adams

The criminal prosecution of Paul Manafort is a witch hunt to destroy Trump. The entire basis of the appointment of

07/24/2018 / By Mike Adams

Stunning new revelations are now exposing Barack Obama as the criminal mastermind behind the fraudulent FISA targeting of Trump campaign

07/02/2018 / By Mike Adams

You may remember a time when Democrats called for free speech, civil liberties and a stronger America. Now, they’ve gone

06/14/2018 / By Mike Adams

Stunning details from the newly-released IG investigative report — download from the DOJ here — reveal a pattern of treason

05/24/2018 / By Mike Adams

If you’re not reading daily, you might not be in the loop on the stunning political revelations now coming

05/20/2018 / By Mike Adams

Over the last two years, you have been witnessing an attempted deep state coup against the United States of America,

04/29/2018 / By Mike Adams

Greg Hunter of has just released a bombshell interview with former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, who details the deep

04/19/2018 / By Mike Adams

It’s important to recognize events that are likely to trigger the coming civil war. And by “civil war,” I mean

04/15/2018 / By Mike Adams

The Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Dept. of Justice, has released a stunning new report that exposes the criminality

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